Misano Adriatico Hotel 3 stars with swimming pool

gallery1-bigMisano Adriatico is situated midway between the trendy town of Riccione and the romantic Cattolica. It has a renovated promenade with pedestrian precinct, cycle path, car parks, shops and restaurants. Thanks to its numerous amenities, Misano meets the demands of every traveler, from the tourist looking for sun, beach and rest to the most active one looking for nightlife.

Situated in a quiet area but extremely convenient to public transportation, Misano and its environs offer countless tourist attractions and a wide variety of entertainment: from the “VIP-watching” in Cattolica to the traditional and well-known boulevard Viale Ceccarini in Riccione, from the aquatic park Aquafan to the brand new aquarium Le Navi, in addition to the riotous nights at the discos on the hills of Riccione which have become legendary nationwide.

Moreover, summer favours the charming ambience of medieval villages such as the independent republic of San Marino, Mondaino and Saludecio, which, with the help of the clear summer evenings, evoke the enchanting atmosphere of far-off times.